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Child abuse happens all the time and to many people, but due to stigma and lack of knowledge, most cases go unreported. According to Statistics Canada, about one third of Canadians aged fifteen and older experience some form of abuse before the age of fifteen (2019). Based on this statistic, in Regina alone, it is a staggering 76,309 people who are or will be directly affected by childhood abuse.

Holding Hope is a brand new, youth led organization that aims to combat these very statistics. We strive to provide awareness and increase prevention in regards to child abuse. Our first of many goals is to raise overall awareness of the issue while using education as a prevention method. 


Holding Hope was founded after Sarah Labadie disclosed the abuse she had experienced as a child to a teacher. After this disclosure, Sarah not only reported the past abuse but vowed to turn her experience into something positive. “I was a victim of abuse,” says Sarah, “and knowing that I can use my story to make a difference for other kids is what gives me hope.” 


We all play a role in child abuse prevention

Through education and difficult conversations, we believe that child abuse prevention is possible. No child should have to experience any form of pain while growing up, it should never hurt to be a child. 

Through social media, events and resource packages, we hope to inspire others to use their voices to protect the most vulnerable members of our community. We work to provide the tools and knowledge that will raise awareness about the current child abuse epidemic, while also demonstrating that through education and advocacy; prevention is possible. 

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